Daddy Cub, Steve Sommers and Daddy Lucas

Bald, bearded, and tattooed Daddy Lucas straps his "boy" onto a Saint Andrews Cross, something Daddy Cub loves. In fact, while furry, pierced Cub is in his place, he watches Lucas' every move with adoration in his eyes. But that's a Master and slave relationship. Leather loving Lucas pulls down Cub's jockstrap and whips out his big, fat, pierced cock. Lucas strokes and sucks Cub. Suddenly, we notice Steve Sommers bent over a fuck bench, spreading his own ass apart. He hungrily awaits for anything Master will give him. While voyeur Cub looks on, Lucas rims Steve, tasting the hole before lubing up. Lucas milks his own cock, pumping it and getting himself rock hard before pressing up against Steve's ass and sliding home. Lucas fucks Steve bareback, nice and easy at first. Then the nipple-pierced, heavily inked Daddy builds up speed and gets a bit rougher. Both Steve and Cub egg Lucas on, talking trash and begging for more but Lucas has other plans. He pulls Steve over so the harnessed whore can suck on Cub's dick. Steve is so hungry to be pounded he doesn't stay on his knees long. With Cub's cock spit-lubed, Steve impales himself on Cub's cock, fucking himself bareback while devouring Lucas. Spit-roasted between Daddy Lucas and Daddy Cub, who's still strapped to the cross, we get to see a true sex pig in action. Stay tuned for part two of this no-holds barred 3-way fuckfest!
Featuring:  Daddy Cub, Daddy Lucas
Release Date: 10/07/2016