Atlas Grant - Necessary Habit

Muscle bear Atlas Grant is all of us, horny and insatiable. Upon arriving home and needing to unwind, he takes a shower and starts jerking off. Never mind that he's already sucked plenty of cock and gotten fucked throughout the time he spent at the bathhouse. And never mind that he's already spilled his seed. Repeatedly. Still horny and restless, while rinsing off and cleaning up, Atlas masturbates while thinking back on the videos he watched while having sex at the club, a video with Damien Kilauea and Josh Stone. Unable to get the images out of his head -- no doubt imagining himself as the one getting fucked or the one doing the fucking -- Atlas allows himself the luxury of a very necessary habit, a solo jerk-off session, pumping out one more load so that he might sleep soundly. As we said. Atlas is all of us.
Featuring:  Atlas Grant
Release Date: 04/18/2018