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Nick Andrews and Nick Tiano

It’s True…Two Nicks are better than One…as you’ll see for yourself…They’re Hot…They’re Sexy…They’re Passionate…and eager to take raw cock and ride bare ass….It all starts as Nick Andrews is showing off his oral gifts much to the delight of Nick Tiano and his throbbing cock. His lips tease Nick’s aching balls as the slightest graze of his tongue is enough to make him shiver and quake. It’s not long before Nick Tiano is reciprocating. He is nestled firmly in between Nick’s long legs and strong thighs. Foreskin lovers take note…as your own dick will be bobbing back and forth watching Nick savor every inch of that loose hanging foreskin, all juicy and glistening from precum. Nick Tiano, in turn, is rimmed, eaten, licked, and tasted from head to toe by Nick’s probing tongue and wet lips. His smooth ass cheeks are plump and ready to be spread wide open, fucked and filled. Nick Andrews slides into his crack with ease as Nick arches his back and prepares for a deep raw pounding. He is fucked in every possible position giving his bare ass no rest. It’s an awesome sex scene that ends with blasts of hot cum and two exhausted studs sharing their own juices.

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Adorable Bareback Slut Nick Andrews Taken Hard By Inked Daddy Scotty Rage

Inked Daddy Scotty Rage is back for more and wastes no time in taking control of the situation. Nick is put to service immediately on Scotty’s raging hard on getting it wet and sloppy. Scotty sniffs and licks Nick’s arm pits as he takes deep wiffs of his natural body scent and odor. It drives him crazy as he gets Nick’s hole ready for a deep raw pounding. Scotty fucks him in every possible position giving his bare ass no rest. He unloads his nut all over Nick’s face feeding him his sticky goo straight from the tap. Covered in sweat and cum they share each other’s load as the final thank you for the hot raw sex they just had.

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Bobby Hart Performs Oral Magic On Nick Andrews Before A Deep Raw Pounding

This week on BarebackThatHole, we feature Nick Andrews and Bobby Hart. Nick is on the white leather sofa, legs spread wide as he’s serviced by Bobby. The eager cocksucker performs oral magic on Nick’s uncut meat, working the loose foreskin. Nick and Bobby soon intertwine, swallowing dick down to the balls in a hot 69 position. Nick spins Bobby around, exposing his beautiful round ass cheeks before devouring his pink puckering hole. Nick fucks Bobby every which way, plunging deep and straddling Bobby’s ass with nothing more than spit and sweat. Nick nails Bobby’s hole, pounding him hard and pile driving relentlessly into the hungry whore. He shoots a massive nut all over Bobby’s face, leaving him covered in a sloppy facial even as Bobby sprays his own wad all over his smooth crotch and chest. Nick licks Bobby’s face clean and they embrace, kissing to end off the scene. Join Bobby Hart and Nick Andrews, EXCLUSIVELY on BarebackThatHole.com!

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Nick Andrews Leaves Gio Ryder With Cummy Asshole

As this week’s scene from BarebackThatHole opens, Gio Ryder’s handsome face is buried in Nick Andrews’s furry crotch. This little piggy shows us once more just how much he adores uncut meat by working his oral magic on Nick’s loose foreskin. Swirling the tip of his tongue around the rim of Nick’s fat cock head, he slobbers all over the hardening shaft. Nick spins Gio around to expose his beautiful round ass and returns the oral favor by burying his face in Gio’s cheeks, devouring the pink puckered hole. Desperately needing to fuck — and NOW! — Nick slides home, his cock deep in Gio’s cock hungry, cum thirsty rectum. The best part of this is that Nick uses little more than just spit and sweat; nature’s own lubricants, the way it was intended. The eager bareback sex freak takes Nick’s huge uncut tool as he’s bent over with his face buried in the mattress. Nick nails the cock whore, pounding him deep and driving into him like a battering ram. Over and over and over. Nick takes that hole and makes it his own, shooting a massive nut all over Gio’s freshly fucked and gasping gash as he continues to breed his seed into the cum dump. Both collapse sweaty, exhausted, and smiling. Planting seed has never been so much fun!

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Foreskin Worship, Piggy Rimming And Thick Raw Cock Slamming Twitchy Holes

There’s no better way to start your day than with your face buried in a hot man’s furry pubes. That’s exactly what Christian Matthews does. The furry pubed man? Nick Andrews. Chris does much more than just nuzzle, obviously. And with a hunk like Nick before you, with that uncut fat dick, you’d be doing the same. Chris gets into man musk sniffing Nick and reveling in his natural scent. Then he dives for that juicy piece of meat, standing at full attention. Working magic on the throbbing shaft, Chris slurps and savors every inch of Nick’s loose hanging foreskin. There’s not one fold, nook or cranny that isn’t sampled. After some mutually satisfying cock sucking, Nick knows he’s got to empty his balls, full to the brim with cum. He throws Christian face first up against the wall, spreads his cheeks, and shows us the beauty that is Christian’s twitching hole before diving in tongue first. The bearded, swarthy hunk licks and rims that hole with passion and delight, making Christian begs for Nick’s raw cock. And that’s exactly what he gets. These two suck and fuck and sizzle and scorch in a bareback free-for-all that will leave you — as it did them — dripping for more!

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