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Logan Stevens and Ryan Cummings

Off camera, Ryan had just taken 12 raw loads during a private fuck party…so when he arrived for the filming of this scene his ass was lubed, filled, and ready for load 13…enter Logan Stevens and his thick savory uncut cock ready to feast on Ryan’s bare butt…the chemistry between them is magic and it’s everything you’d expect…sweaty Bareback Sex, a juicy sloppy hole, and an impressively gifted bottom that can shoot streams and streams of cum while he’s getting fucked himself…not to mention a rare treat unfolds as Ryan flips into Top and returns the favor as he nails Logan’s raw hole a couple of times…there are countless loads of cum shot throughout this entire scene…so be sure to enjoy them all…

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Jessy Karson and Ryan Cummings

Ryan Cummings shows us what a gifted bottom he is and how greedy of a cum dump he can be as his talented hole milks two full loads out of Jessy Karson’s heavy hanging nuts. Ryan’s ass was twitching at the chance to ride Jessy’s fat uncut cock and get his chance he did. Jessy wastes no time as he spits on his dick and slides his bare cock into Ryan’s very willing ass. His big floppy balls slap and bounce against Ryan’s crack as he pounds his cock harder into him. Ryan’s hole swallows him balls deep…his ass muscles relax and contract throwing Jessy into a fucking frenzy…he pulls out in just enough time to blast his 1st creamy load all over Ryan’s gaping hole…then, without missing a beat Jessy slides his cock back into Ryan and continues fucking him with his own cum as lube….the sex and the scene intensifies from there as Ryan continues to leak pre-cum all over himself while experiencing multiple anal orgasms and hands free cumshots…meanwhile back at Ryan’s ass Jessy continues to be amazed at the control and suction that his hole has as Jessy can no longer hold it…and busts his 2nd full nut all over Ryan’s hole…the rest you’ll need to see for yourself…

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How To Excel In Bareback Customer Service

As we draw near the end of our corporate executive bareback fantasies, we invite you to consider that another key factor that keep these companies in business is their customer service. And if you’ve ever been in the industry, regardless of whether it’s corporate America or your own home business, customer service is the one key point that continues to bring your clients, time and time again. So it’s usually a good idea to make sure they’re taken care of, happy, and satisfied. Consider Kyle, treating Chad to an extended lunch hour at his hotel. Kyle, who knows all about customer service, does a bit of roleplay with Chad. As they take turns sucking each other you can almost imagine them taking turns being the customer service agent and the customer. Good thing both of these bareback fuckers are top notch! Still, it’s always good to get an exchange going, make sure you’re up to speed on technique. But keeping your clients happy isn’t just about technique. It’s also about giving your customer what he needs and wants. In this case, it just so happens to be raw dick, tangy protein, and balls deep seeding.

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The Bareback Intern And His Bottom Apprentice

The backbone of corporate America consists of the workers who handle the work executives create. However, a key factor is the intern and the apprentice. There’s a difference to both And Sage Daniels demonstrates that perfectly with Blue Bailey. You see, sexy Sage with his kinky, twisted desires, almost always lead to bareback fucking. He’s the intern you see. Doing it for the experience and not necessarily the money. For him it’s more about the perks of being in his position, namely, teaching the bareback apprentice everything he knows about how raw cock fits in bare hole.

With Blue as the hungry, willing, and VERY eager bottom — despite his boyish good looks and Sage’s edgy appeal and tattoos — Sage offers up his cock for Blue to deep throat. The pig does so eagerly, making himself choke and gag. After some ball licking and sucking, Blue then gives Sage the opportunity to check out his cock. Sage returns the favor but quickly moves on to more inviting assets: Blue’s hole. As if he were involved in an aggressive corporate takeover, Sage explores Blue with his tongue, fingers, and cock. Rutting like animals, we’re reminded once again that every once in a while, it’s good to get the shaft. As long as it’s meaty, throbbing, and raw. Guess Gordon Gekko was right…greed IS good.

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Black Bareback Market Investing

It wasn’t that long ago that the face of corporate American began to change. Blacks and Latinos joined the executive workforce. And, just like their white brethren, the minority male is just as hot, if not hotter, in a suite and tie. As our executive fantasies continue, this week we feature Champ Robinson and Mason Garet. Dressed in their business attire both men find common ground as they use their tongue, lips, and hands to get better acquainted and measure the risks they can take. Mason shows off an office skill not usually listed on a professional resume; not unless deep throat cock sucking is an asset or a good example of multi-tasking. Champ then demonstrates why Mason should invest in the black bareback market. Yes, it’s pure speculation. There’s a lot of risk. Oh, but the return on investment can only go up and keeps on giving! Once Mason sees exactly what he’s investing (is 9 thick inches of black meat ever enough to persuade anyone?) he goes belly up, spreading his legs — as well as his hole — for Champ to prove himself.

Every throbbing inch slides raw into Mason’s hole. Deep. Champ pumps the greedy bottom, giving him the shaft; a thick, chocolate brown shaft that’s as juicy and probably as tasty, if not tastier, than the biggest of dark chocolate…ummm…bars. All too soon, however, Champ is ready to dump his load like a bad stock, seeding his white investor. Now Mason knows all about black bareback market investing. And you know what? He not only got a satisfying yield, he’s developed a game plan to invest — and continue investing — in nothing but big black cock! Of course, it’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. One DOES need to diversity. But hey, after getting a load of Champ’s cock ourselves, we’d probably go ahead and do the same thing.

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