Brad Kalvo Rewards Adam Russo With Hot White Milky Cum

Judging from the e-mails we’ve received, it seems Brad Kalvo is igniting fires all over the place since he first appeared on BarebackThatHole last month. Well, for all you fans of Brad, feast your eyes on this week’s scene with Brad and Adam Russo. The hung stud, with that playful smile, seductive gaze, and amazing pelt, has caught the attention of the bearded, bald bareback sex freak. Admiring Brad’s beefy pecs, Adam runs his fingers across the man’s nipples, digging into the furry blanket of hair covering Brad’s chest. Kissing and groping each other passionately, Adam kneels and services Brad’s hard cock. The eager blowjob only shows Brad just how badly Adam wants to get fucked his throbbing cock buried inside his hungry fuckhole. Brad treats him to a fantastic rim job, teasing and taunting the man’s hole with strong, probing fingers. When Adam can’t take it any more, he begs to be fucked. Brad inches his raw cock into that eager bare hole, grabbing Adam’s hips to pull himself in. Adam’s ass swallows his shaft with such ease it’s like a hot knife through butter and it’s not long before Brad is exorcising some inner demons with deep pounding thrusts into Adam. The power top rewards Adam with streams of hot white milky cum, all over Adam’s balls and crack, his gift for offering up his hungry hole and allowing himself to be used.

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Matt Sizemore Chokes And Gags On Brian Davilla’s Thick Cock

The fantasy of sucking a massive monster cock — or being taken by such an endowed man — is one many of us share. Even those of us who prefer to top or claim they would never bottom for another man. In reality, however, few can truly handle such a humongous piece of meat, let alone take it down to the balls. Throats only expand but so far and if we’re talking hungry holes, then you have to REALLY want that slab of beef or enjoy the gut-wrenching, hole burning pain. Let’s take Matt Sizemore as an example. When it comes right down to it, men like Matt — who are usually top — will become bottom whores for another with a really big dick. Let’s face it. There’s just something about a challenge, isn’t there? Paired with Brian Davilla, Matt finds himself in just such a predicament. Standing naked in front of each other, hard cocks bobbing, Matt and Brian kiss and fondle each other as a warm-up to what will become one hot steamy fuck scene. Matt kneels to service Brian and is quickly brought to tears, choking and gagging from the sheer length and girth of his massive tool. And yet, he keeps going back for more! Such a greedy cocksucker. Eager to ride it, Matt straddles Brian, guiding the thick head of that throbbing shaft into his fuckhole and impaling himself. Matt rides him cowboy while Brian pile drives deep and hard from underneath. Matt’s ass is stretched to the limit…and yet…his hungry hole just wants more. And despite the stretch, despite the pain, despite the tears and the sweating, Matt begs Brian to keep fucking, pounding repeatedly, until he’s ready to deliver the load. Each masculine Daddy ends up busting his all over as they cling to each other in this sizzling display of raw man sex.

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Ray Dalton And Kyle Braun Use Cy Cohen As A Fuck Toy

There’s something about being in a bareback 3-way that’s liberating and exhilarating, especially if one of the three is a notorious bottom. And, frankly, regardless of whether or not that person has a reputation as a cum dump, if the chemistry is right, the thrill is in converting that one person into a complete and total cock whore and cum pig, living for that moment, your cock, your seed. This is what Cy Kohen is…at least for this week’s scene from BarebackThatHole. The chemistry is palpable, the connection obvious, as Ray Dalton sticks his fingers into Cy’s twitching ass while he kisses and gropes Kyle Braun. Things are soon heating up in bed and we’re treated to some smoldering threesome action that’s sure to get you stiff and keep your cock nice and hard. Come watch Cy as he’s spit-roasted, tag teamed and used like the bareback fuck toy Ray and Kyle. And just wait until you feast your eyes on Cy, sliding down on BOTH raw cocks at the same time! Yes, the whore gets a DP. But he’s not just double-penetrated. His fuckers go in D-E-E-P! The euphoria on Cy’s face is clear as his ass loosens up to swallow both raw cocks simultaneously. This is one truly gifted fisting power bottom, using the skill and control of his sphincter to keep Ray and Kyle on the edge, milking them. Ray and Kyle fill, stretch, and drill Cy repeatedly, leaving him with a gaping, hungry hole. And even when they reward Cy with their seed, leaving his ass sloppy and dripping and in need of a hot felching, Cy still wants more.

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Chad Brock Pounded Raw By Throbbing Beefcake Brad Kalvo

Chad Brock has definitely embraced his inner daddy and become the bareback top we always knew he could be. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still bottom for the right man or if the dick is big enough. Naturally, when we at BarebackThatHole set him up with throbbing beefcake Brad Kalvo, Chad immediately agreed to take Brad’s dick up his ass. We didn’t even have to ask! With the big, beefy muscle daddy bear towering over him, Chad can’t help but admire the man’s body, running his hands over his chest and his fingers through Brad’s furry pelt. The two kiss and grope passionately and Brad swallows Chad’s cock, much to his delight. Hey, just because he’s top doesn’t mean he doesn’t go down! Chad returns the oral favor, burying his face in Brad’s musky pubes and servicing the hot, curved tool. Then, wanting a taste of Chad’s ass, Brad throws him on all fours and rims the slutty dad deep. Expertly tongue fucking Chad, Brad teases and taunts his hungry hole with fat fingers. Brad nibbles on Chad’s guiche ring, provoking him into begging for a hard fuck, needing it now. Inching his raw cock into Chad’s waiting hole, Brad grabs him by the hips and pulls himself deeper into the willing bareback sex freak. Brad mounts Chad from behind, fucking with hard thrusts and claiming that ass for himself. And all Chad can do is take it, his talented ass swallowing every inch, until they each reach powerful orgasms and shoot massive loads.

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Nick Andrews Leaves Gio Ryder With Cummy Asshole

As this week’s scene from BarebackThatHole opens, Gio Ryder’s handsome face is buried in Nick Andrews’s furry crotch. This little piggy shows us once more just how much he adores uncut meat by working his oral magic on Nick’s loose foreskin. Swirling the tip of his tongue around the rim of Nick’s fat cock head, he slobbers all over the hardening shaft. Nick spins Gio around to expose his beautiful round ass and returns the oral favor by burying his face in Gio’s cheeks, devouring the pink puckered hole. Desperately needing to fuck — and NOW! — Nick slides home, his cock deep in Gio’s cock hungry, cum thirsty rectum. The best part of this is that Nick uses little more than just spit and sweat; nature’s own lubricants, the way it was intended. The eager bareback sex freak takes Nick’s huge uncut tool as he’s bent over with his face buried in the mattress. Nick nails the cock whore, pounding him deep and driving into him like a battering ram. Over and over and over. Nick takes that hole and makes it his own, shooting a massive nut all over Gio’s freshly fucked and gasping gash as he continues to breed his seed into the cum dump. Both collapse sweaty, exhausted, and smiling. Planting seed has never been so much fun!

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